Implementing robust access controls ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. This involves assigning specific permissions and roles to individuals based on their job responsibilities.

ITNX Works as a smart container for your data and helps protecting it by providing daily backup for your stored data whether on your servers or our cloud to assure zero chances of data loss or damage.

ITNX provides an advanced encryption system solution and security configurations to secure your data and prevent any external unauthorized modification or any damage that may affect your data.

ITNX protects data against any risks that may occur to it, ensuring that your data is not compromised

With ITNX’s File container system, you get all your external files uploaded in one place and governed with a smart accessing control system that authorizes definite system users to take any actions.

No human based Errors are allowed to happen to your data with our AI-based ITNX smart error resistance architect.

ITNX facilitates all data management processes with speed in action, smart regulations, efficient synchronization, unlimited numbers of users’ access and with high compatibility and customization to your business.

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